Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Snails pace..

So this week is dragging, going at a pace familiar with a snail or a slug....I hate slugs so fat and slimy...anyway that's neither here nor there.

I miss my squealing, always hungry, cheeky little kiddies. It's so quiet, so tidy, soooooo boring.

I've been on a variety of dog walks already this week, some under the suns lovely warm beams and others in the grey gloomy drip of the rain. On Monday I reached the top field to be greeted by a half naked yogarist ( is that even a word? Who knows!) so I decided to not give any eye contact, just incase he was thinking of taking more clothes items off, but it would appear my dog had other ideas. Friendly doesn't really describe my pup, he loves everyone, and running over like a lolloping fluffy ball he began to jump up at the could be naturist! Making me run over full of apologies (whilst hoping he wasn't going to whip of his trousers) and collect my mad pup. Luckily for me the yogarist seemed quite normal and didn't seem to mind his peace being disturbed.

I did go to the gym on Monday evening and attended a new class which was really hard.
It was called Xtreme training, I was a bit apprehensive as it didn't sound easy! It was really interval training at its hardest. A man at the front with a Britney Spears style mic, giving you pep talks and encouraging words, whilst four ladies walk through the crowd, like lionesses hunting a kill, waiting for the poor woman to drop to the floor with exhaustion (that was me) and encouraging them to get back up and carry on. I found this quite intimidating really. 
The music was fast paced and had a very American computerised count down between exercises which made me panic. Argh 10 seconds until the next excercise which I may die performing! It was difficult and my face was so red I felt may head may explode, showering the unsuspecting crowds with little brain matter.
The odd thing was, afterwards, a bit like child birth, the memory of just how bad it was left me and I felt the need to do it again.

That's really just about all the excitement this week has had to offer so far.

Anyway I shall leave you with this picture I saw on Facebook yesterday, it made me smile.

Such fun xx

Sunday, 23 February 2014

I blinked and it was over...

Yello! How goes it on this dreaded Sunday evening?

I have the Sunday stomp. I do not wish to return to the school regime and I fear my kids may have to drag ME kicking and screaming tomorrow morning.

I've had the best half term and as always it went by much too fast.

We visited Daddy at work, Auntie at home, the cinema and Ikea for lunch yummmmmm and just chillaxed.

No rushing, no military Mum, just fun.

I even managed to get the kids out every day for a dog walk. This I was dreading but it actually went better than imagined. We braved the rain and mud and I enjoyed having human companions for a change. We found a fairy house (yes, I do at the age of 34 believe in fairies) We found a huge bomb hole or as my gorgeous little dude calls it "a bum hole Mummy".
I also swung on a rope swing, which was great fun, until I attempted my descent from said swing, ripping my jeans and whacking myself in the head with the log, leaving me with a nice gash to the cheek and bruise to the noggin. But I figure these things have to be done....a bit like a do before you die or in my case do before I reach 35....the black mark of all ages.

In other news my beloved pup went to Doggee Daycare on Friday. I know, I know, how awesome is it that there is such a thing! It was like leaving a child but he loved it and made his first proper doggie friend, a Beagle called Buster. 
He also learnt to tolerate the car as we took him everywhere with us. Several pukes down the line, he seems to be getting the hang of it.

So as Monday looms I remind myself that it's only 6 weeks until Easter and then I will have two weeks to be with my gorgeous ones. As always I'm going to miss them so much.

An exciting bit of news before I go is that I've been nominated for best new blog in The Mad Blog awards. I've no idea how this happened but thank you to whoever took the time to nominate me.

I hope you all have good weeks that fly by, leaving a happy trail to the weekend.

Such fun xx

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dog tales!

This week has been all about the dog. I have been thrown into the doggy world and just like when I was thrown into the baby world it's been a shock!

Now it's not so much the dog. Chewy is gorgeous and it is nice to have a companion to chat to again.....okay he doesn't talk back but he listens intently which is more than my youngest ever did!

The problem lies with the dog walker. Before I go any further I will just add this disclaimer; No offence is meant to any dog owner or walker during this post.
I have started to walk the pup once or twice a day now, to the woods or the local rec and you come across all sorts of people and their canine companions. Some greet you with a smile, some ignore you entirely, some engage in conversation with you, some engage in conversation entirely with the dog! It's a weird doggy world. One, that I, in my nieaveity, didn't know existed.

Now I can remember when I first started going to toddler groups with my first child, how I would approach people, much like my pup does now, showing all the signs of a friendly disposition just to be shot down because I wasn't in that particular toddler clique. Well, this is just how it is in the dog world except the toddlers have been replaced with dogs!

The other comparison to the toddlers and parents is the fact some people have no control over their dogs. Just like the child who roams the toddler group maiming children with its toddler teeth trying to claim all toys as it's own, followed by a relaxed mother saying "Oh darling please don't do that now, release that child..." The same happens on a dog walk, the dog approaches knocking my precious pup to the ground and the owner announces that " he doesn't like puppies much!" Really? Well why isn't your savage rabid Cujo of a dog on a lead then! Haha, of course I'm kidding with the rabid bit!

So it seems there is a dog and dog walker etiquette in far, what I can make of it is this;

1. Approach and chat only if dog walker stops and engages.
2. Do not encroach on a dog walk, unless invited to do so, a minimum distance of at least three metres is required. 
3. Do not try and walk alongside a dog walker, they will shake you off and it's embarrassing when you then have to pretend to choose a different route, resulting in a tangle of brambles and a welly stuck in the mud!
4. Do not let fellow dog walkers see how inexperienced you are....hiding behind trees to teach your dog to come and running across fields like a madwoman to fetch your very obedient (who am I kidding!) dog, screaming "he's muddy, I'm so sorry" are all signs of this!
5. Remember dog names, they can be the key to starting up another conversation when coming across the walkers again.
6. Remember all of above and you will do well!

I'm sure there are some lovely walkers out there, so far I have only met one so it's been a solitary life, just me and my dawg! It has also been extremely wet and muddy considering that it has been raining for what seems like days. I now have the most stylish pair of green wellies and apparently I also need to invest in dog walking clothes to prepare myself for the muddy attack that other dogs and their greetings can bring.

The greatest bit of excitement I had all week was being woken at two in the morning by a crying puppy, only to take him out to the garden for six ( I kid you not) chicken korma style poops!

Life with a dog? Awesome!

Such fun xx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

In a nutshell...

Good times were had this week as my mum came to visit. This was nice as I actually had a real person to socialise with rather than just my dog ha!

We had a laugh and lots of Starbucks! Mmmm love Starbucks. Lots of creamy, frothy, yumminess! 


The tads loved having Nana here, especially as she increased their Sylvanian families collection incredibly by buying them the Regent hotel!! This, to any Sylvanian fan, is the jewel in the crown of Sylvanians. 

Now anyone who is familiar with these cute little furry animal families will know how much fun they are. They were originally released in 1985. When I was about 8 my best friend at the time had the biggest collection of them and I asked, but never got, due to the large price tag attached. So naturally, having two girls it was easy to influence one of them! So my middle tad got them for Christmas. A panda, cow and mouse family, plus a log cabin, furniture and a camper van. The families come with names and little clothes, a typical family of four, mum, dad, brother and sister and then you buy the homes and furniture sets which leave a considerable dent in your purse! 

Unfortunately after she had set them all up I 'accidentally' knocked them over and had to correct my error and put them all back in the right their little beds, at the dinner table and with all their dinky pieces! Very satisfying and my antics went undetetected by any small person for at least 20 minutes!! 

So, my mum felt bad for depriving me of this pleasure for so many years and began to look on eBay for second hand homes and furniture for the girls. Whilst we were browsing I realised Argos had the hotel for half price! My mum and me love a bargain so this caused a flurry of excitement! ( I know, I know, we don't get out much!) Typically they didn't have any in stock in stores near us. The nearest being Bexleyheath. So naturally, this is where we went! Like a pair of loons on a bargain hunting mission! We paid half each and gave the girls the best surprise when they came home from school and of course, whenever I clumsily knock them over I have to spend time putting them all back again, which isn't such a chore! 

The Regency hotel

All set up (not by me!) and ready for a dance!

know you are probably reading this thinking, am I for real? A desperate housewife for sure? I would like to tell you that you are very wrong and I spend many hours in the week having coffees and socialising like a grown up....if only this was true. In all honesty yesterday I was in the woods alone, playing hide and seek with my puppy in order to teach him to come when called! I actually enjoyed myself.....I need help don't I!? 

So in a worrying nutshell that was my week!

Such fun xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Gone too long!

Hello stranger! There, I said it for you! Happy belated Christmas and New Year! 
My regular blogging slot wasn't successful was it? Haha!
So I return a mere 6 months after I last blogged...that's mental that it's actually been that long, but hey, it has and so much has happened in that time, I don't even know where to begin! 

So I will try and begin at the beginning (helpful eh?!) We have moved! Yippie! At the end of August I tearfully said goodbye to our first proper home and packed up all it's memories and shipped them off to what can only be described as a mansion!! I kid you not! The new house has not two, three, but...FOUR bedrooms! Ta daaaaaa! Haha, it's detached, it had a separate diner and lounge and compared to my two bed terraced it's awesome.

The move itself was hideous. It involved packing that went on forever and consumed our six week summer holidays, then humping box after box and item after item that my hubby perilously tried to squeeze into a lorry....up and down the path until my legs nearly dropped off and then when, finally, we reached our destination with three kids, two cats, two goldfish and my friends guinea pigs stuffed into my car, (making me look like Ace Ventura pet detective) we spilled out onto the pavement and had to unload the whole lot!

But it was an adventure and after we all got used to the changes; it was soooo quiet there and their were no familiar friendly faces to welcome us when we opened our front door so, for a while, it felt like we were living in a guest house!!

Now though, we are so happy. The kids have lovely rooms and we have space, so much space! Space to play, to entertain, to do our own things, it's just perfect.

So that was that, all moved in and then my youngest tad was off to school. At the time, a harrowing experience involving lots of tears. It was hard, on his first full day I can honestly say I have never felt pain like it. Rushing home I couldn't control the sobs and it was really hard to get used to no little companion, no little voice talking constantly to me about all sorts of drivel! I had the cleanest house in the world and longed for 3:15pm every day. I threw myself into the school PTA like a woman with no life (I actually was that woman!) and I just tried to make the best of it. All of that seems like such a distant memory, don't get me wrong I still miss my little man and my other two so much, so I had to find a new companion... Chewbacca (Chewy for short) my new baby! He's a 13 week old Golden Retriever. We got him in December, as a surprise Christmas pressie for the tads and he is gorgeous! They love him and so do I!

So, now I have someone to talk to...even if he doesn't really chat back much! I've also now been rudely awakened to the odd world of dog ownership. This is another blog post entirely, but some people who own dogs are very very strange and there is this weird dog etiquette on walks to the park that I have yet to learn...any tips gratefully received! 

And that, in a super fast nutshell has been the last six months of my life!

I can't promise that I'm back for good, life is busy as always with my gorgeous family but I will try and post at least once a week rather than every six months! 

As always, it's been such fun!! 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sunny days!

Sunshine just makes everything better doesn't it? 

Today was the perfect summers day. The IPad, the DS, the PC and the TV were on a ban and the paddling pool was put up in the garden. The tads had a ball! Splashing about and firing the water pistols, their shrieks of glee piercing the hot summers air as I watched from a safe distance!

The house was covered in grass and wet toddler footprints, but somehow the sun stops you from I didn't!

We had dinner alfresco and the tads played swing ball, hide and seek and snap! I told my eldest that she had experienced a day in the life of an 80s child. Where vast technology didn't exist and neither did countless tv channels, so outdoor play and amusing yourself was a must! That in itself makes me sound old and like such a Mum.....I do find that on regular occasions now I open my mouth and my Mum comes rushing forth!!!!! 

I was so relaxed that we didn't come in until eight and after bath the tads just all conked out without so much as a peep, leaving me to sit and relax with a cuppa. Resulting in the disappearance of half a bar of Cadburys Marvellous Creations!!! Have you tried it? You must! It's a strange popping chewy experience with an altogether yummy Cadburys choc taste!

Anyway 'twas a lovely relaxing day which I really needed. As I mentioned in my last post, this week was busy busy and yesterday was pretty emotional. It was my youngest tads last day at preschool. For the final time, after 4 years of attending the preschool with my three kiddies I said goodbye. Tad 3 doesn't really have a clue what's happening (he's not yet four) but for me it was the end of an era. Another milestone reached, another reminder that my tads are growing up too fast.

I feel a little lost to be honest, unsure of my direction. Unsure of all the change. New house (soon hopefully) my baby boy going to school, my eldest going to year 3 (juniors) and my middle tad having nearly finished her first year in reception, it all seems to be going too fast. I want to shout "STOP! I'm not ready! They were just born!" But as they say, time flys when you're having fun and so far we've had so much!

I've decided it's time to stop dwelling on what has to be and to enjoy days like today, perfect times with my tads which one day will be just a memory.

Such fun xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Monster Moves!

I was asked to review the Monsters University soundtrack from the new Disney Pixar film which comes out this Friday (the 12th of July)

Firstly, here's the blurb;

Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University” rocks theaters this summer featuring music from award-winning composer Randy Newman and Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia. Filmmakers also tapped the Atlanta-based hard rock band Mastodon to serenade one the film’s new monsters. Directed by Dan Scanlon and produced by Kori Rae, “Monsters University” hits theatres June 12, 2013, with the short film “The Blue Umbrella,” which features music by composer Jon Brion and vocals by Sarah Jaffe.

My family are eagerly awaiting the release of Monsters University having watched Monsters inc. approx 64 times!! My eldest tad, when she was small, went through a phase of watching it every day at rest time and then my middle tad loved Boo, so we had to watch it another 20 or so times!

Having seen the trailer for the new film we can't wait to see what usual Disney-Pixar visual treats and laughs it has to offer. The tads loved Sulley, Mike and Boo and have never forgotten them, despite the film having been released 12 years ago!

The tads were very excited to listen to the soundtrack and as soon as I put it on my youngest came running in to see where the music was coming from!

The composition is great, lots of trumpets, horns and flutes and it has a definite Disney-Pixar sound. It has the tones of the Toy Story films to it and also includes the scare theme from Monsters Inc.

The first track has depicted a school band, which is fitting considering the university title and the whole album gives off a college/university impression.

The Scare Pigs track made the tads rock out and was lots of fun and the drums in Stinging Glow Urchin were also good fun for a drumming obsessed tad!!

The Rise and Shine track was a definite song to wake up to, so the title was fitting!

Roar gave the impression of a disco and the last tracks depicted a happy rather than sad ending. Lets hope so because I cried when Boo had to go back in Monsters Inc!!

The only negative thing about the album was the lack of words to sing along to, other than the last track. But I think if you have seen the film then it would be easy to visualise it as you listen to the soundtrack.

All in all though it is a great Disney album with elements of the first film. It sounds like great fun and makes me want to see Monsters University even more.

Most importantly my monsters loved it!!!

Here is what they had to say:

Tad 1 - I like this party track (whilst dancing around the room like a loon to Roar) and I want to see the film now!!

Tad 2 - It makes me want to jump about and wiggle like this!!! (Mad display of various dance moves follows)

Tad 3 - I want to drum like a monster Mum! ( whilst listening to Stinging Glow Urchin) 

All Tads- Lets rock out!! (Various head banging moves to Scare Pig follow!)

This album can be purchased via the link below:

Monsters University Track Listing:

1. Randy Newman - Main Title

2. Randy Newman - Young Michael

3. Randy Newman - First Day at MU

4. Randy Newman - Dean Hardscrabble

5. Randy Newman - Sulley

6. Randy Newman - Scare Pig

7. Randy Newman - Wasted Potential

8. Randy Newman - Oozma Kappa

9. Randy Newman - Stinging Glow Urchin

10. Randy Newman - Field Trip

11. Randy Newman - Rise and Shine

12. Randy Newman - The Library

13. Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso - Roar

14. Randy Newman - The Scare Games

15. Randy Newman - Did You Do This?

16. Randy Newman - Human World

17. Randy Newman - The Big Scare

18. Randy Newman - Goodbyes

19. Randy Newman - Mike and Sulley

20. Randy Newman - Monsters University

Such fun xx

I received a copy of The Monsters University soundtrack in order to review it. All words and opinions are my own apart from the blurb.