Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Daddy's day!

We have had lots of 'Daddys day' fun today. Starting off with a yummy breakfast, a tradition in our house for any special occasion. Pancakes and bacon galore yums!



We then visited our favourite Father's Day haunt to Ightham Mote. This is a National Trust house and every year they run Fathers Day activities. The Tadpoles favourite is the fishing, a sport Daddy loves too! Of course Tad number 3 just loves to play with the maggots!

They also have a model boat lake and vintage cars, not to mention the greatest roly poly hill ever which allows for the best roly races to the bottom! Mummy observes from afar and of course Daddy must join in and roles down the hill like a large uncontrollable snow ball!

Last year the sun shone and it was great, this year it rained. However, this didn't put the kids off, fishing in the rain was a little damp especially when Mummy forgot the raincoats (epic fail) but when we left home it was sunny and I'd checked the weather earlier and rain wasn't on the menu.

We caught just one tiddler (and several maggots!) and the Tads had fun trying for more!


We got one!

Tad no.3's catch of the day!

I think Daddy felt special. He's worth the fuss as he has been and continues to be a great Daddy, and that's enough of that gushy stuff! After all when isn't it Daddy's day? He he!

Such fun xx

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