Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I have been spectacularly absent from the blogging front, apologies!

It's the last few weeks of school and these are always manic. To give you an idea, this week I have had Sports day (which was fab!) a PTA meeting, a school assembly, two walks to and from school for an international day for both the tads, my youngest tads last day at preschool and his leaving party and then the PTA school disco....aaaand breathe!

However, these plans have had a spanner thrown into the works, when my youngest tad woke up this morning and vomited on the kitchen PTA meeting for me then!

So, sat here watching Ben and Holly for the millionth time, I thought I can finally grab a minute to blog!

We had such fun on Monday at sports day. The weather was beautifully sunny, my eldest tad won her races and my middle one made me the proudest mum on earth just by taking part. It was her first time and she's painfully shy, we had had tears all weekend about it, but she took part in all the games and ran her races with her usual cheeky grin in place!

Usain Bolt eat your heart out!!

The toddler race was hilarious! My youngest tad (he's 3) decided he was going to win and gave it his all, running like a pro and throwing himself (literally) over the finish line! Needless to say he won, but the look of determination on his face was so funny! Afterwards he was most upset that he couldn't run again. 
Maybe he's an Olympian in the making?....most likely it was the fact he was the oldest toddler there!

Then came the mums race. Let me put you in the picture. I hate running. I have never been good at it, lagging behind in cross country at school, picked last for all teams in PE. I hate the lung burn you get, I hate how my legs don't work fast enough and I hate how stupid I look when running. So you see, running is not me!

So the mums race fills me with dread and I've always managed to get out of it with some lame "I'm looking after the baby" excuse. However, now there was no baby and my eldest was desperate for me to take part. I am a lot fitter than I used to be having lost 3.5 stone of baby fat and I do attend classes at my gym three times a week so from that aspect I new it wouldn't be so hard, it was just the embarrassment factor!

With trepidation and a little bit of dread I put on my trainers (sandals would have hindered the run, or helped me fall over!) I declared to all the serious mum runners that I was no competition and couldn't run to save my life! With tads words of encouragement echoing in my head: " Its not about winning, its about taking part!" I lined up and then....ready, get set, gooooooooo!

I ran as fast as I could, praying that I wouldn't fall over or be last and I did it! I overcame my running fear!! I wasn't last (phew) and the best bit? My eldest came to me and said "Mum, you were so fast!" You've got to love her and her naïveté!

The dads race was hilarious, changing into their running gear, competition was rife! My hubby gave it his best but I'm not sure what crossed the line first his beer belly or his legs!!!

Then we ended with a school picnic which was great, especially the sitting down bit!!!

My legs still hurt, I may have to get training next year he he!

Such fun xx

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