Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sunny days!

Sunshine just makes everything better doesn't it? 

Today was the perfect summers day. The IPad, the DS, the PC and the TV were on a ban and the paddling pool was put up in the garden. The tads had a ball! Splashing about and firing the water pistols, their shrieks of glee piercing the hot summers air as I watched from a safe distance!

The house was covered in grass and wet toddler footprints, but somehow the sun stops you from I didn't!

We had dinner alfresco and the tads played swing ball, hide and seek and snap! I told my eldest that she had experienced a day in the life of an 80s child. Where vast technology didn't exist and neither did countless tv channels, so outdoor play and amusing yourself was a must! That in itself makes me sound old and like such a Mum.....I do find that on regular occasions now I open my mouth and my Mum comes rushing forth!!!!! 

I was so relaxed that we didn't come in until eight and after bath the tads just all conked out without so much as a peep, leaving me to sit and relax with a cuppa. Resulting in the disappearance of half a bar of Cadburys Marvellous Creations!!! Have you tried it? You must! It's a strange popping chewy experience with an altogether yummy Cadburys choc taste!

Anyway 'twas a lovely relaxing day which I really needed. As I mentioned in my last post, this week was busy busy and yesterday was pretty emotional. It was my youngest tads last day at preschool. For the final time, after 4 years of attending the preschool with my three kiddies I said goodbye. Tad 3 doesn't really have a clue what's happening (he's not yet four) but for me it was the end of an era. Another milestone reached, another reminder that my tads are growing up too fast.

I feel a little lost to be honest, unsure of my direction. Unsure of all the change. New house (soon hopefully) my baby boy going to school, my eldest going to year 3 (juniors) and my middle tad having nearly finished her first year in reception, it all seems to be going too fast. I want to shout "STOP! I'm not ready! They were just born!" But as they say, time flys when you're having fun and so far we've had so much!

I've decided it's time to stop dwelling on what has to be and to enjoy days like today, perfect times with my tads which one day will be just a memory.

Such fun xx

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