Saturday, 25 January 2014

In a nutshell...

Good times were had this week as my mum came to visit. This was nice as I actually had a real person to socialise with rather than just my dog ha!

We had a laugh and lots of Starbucks! Mmmm love Starbucks. Lots of creamy, frothy, yumminess! 


The tads loved having Nana here, especially as she increased their Sylvanian families collection incredibly by buying them the Regent hotel!! This, to any Sylvanian fan, is the jewel in the crown of Sylvanians. 

Now anyone who is familiar with these cute little furry animal families will know how much fun they are. They were originally released in 1985. When I was about 8 my best friend at the time had the biggest collection of them and I asked, but never got, due to the large price tag attached. So naturally, having two girls it was easy to influence one of them! So my middle tad got them for Christmas. A panda, cow and mouse family, plus a log cabin, furniture and a camper van. The families come with names and little clothes, a typical family of four, mum, dad, brother and sister and then you buy the homes and furniture sets which leave a considerable dent in your purse! 

Unfortunately after she had set them all up I 'accidentally' knocked them over and had to correct my error and put them all back in the right their little beds, at the dinner table and with all their dinky pieces! Very satisfying and my antics went undetetected by any small person for at least 20 minutes!! 

So, my mum felt bad for depriving me of this pleasure for so many years and began to look on eBay for second hand homes and furniture for the girls. Whilst we were browsing I realised Argos had the hotel for half price! My mum and me love a bargain so this caused a flurry of excitement! ( I know, I know, we don't get out much!) Typically they didn't have any in stock in stores near us. The nearest being Bexleyheath. So naturally, this is where we went! Like a pair of loons on a bargain hunting mission! We paid half each and gave the girls the best surprise when they came home from school and of course, whenever I clumsily knock them over I have to spend time putting them all back again, which isn't such a chore! 

The Regency hotel

All set up (not by me!) and ready for a dance!

know you are probably reading this thinking, am I for real? A desperate housewife for sure? I would like to tell you that you are very wrong and I spend many hours in the week having coffees and socialising like a grown up....if only this was true. In all honesty yesterday I was in the woods alone, playing hide and seek with my puppy in order to teach him to come when called! I actually enjoyed myself.....I need help don't I!? 

So in a worrying nutshell that was my week!

Such fun xx

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  1. love it! Will have to come and have a play my one isn't interested in it at all!