Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dog tales!

This week has been all about the dog. I have been thrown into the doggy world and just like when I was thrown into the baby world it's been a shock!

Now it's not so much the dog. Chewy is gorgeous and it is nice to have a companion to chat to again.....okay he doesn't talk back but he listens intently which is more than my youngest ever did!

The problem lies with the dog walker. Before I go any further I will just add this disclaimer; No offence is meant to any dog owner or walker during this post.
I have started to walk the pup once or twice a day now, to the woods or the local rec and you come across all sorts of people and their canine companions. Some greet you with a smile, some ignore you entirely, some engage in conversation with you, some engage in conversation entirely with the dog! It's a weird doggy world. One, that I, in my nieaveity, didn't know existed.

Now I can remember when I first started going to toddler groups with my first child, how I would approach people, much like my pup does now, showing all the signs of a friendly disposition just to be shot down because I wasn't in that particular toddler clique. Well, this is just how it is in the dog world except the toddlers have been replaced with dogs!

The other comparison to the toddlers and parents is the fact some people have no control over their dogs. Just like the child who roams the toddler group maiming children with its toddler teeth trying to claim all toys as it's own, followed by a relaxed mother saying "Oh darling please don't do that now, release that child..." The same happens on a dog walk, the dog approaches knocking my precious pup to the ground and the owner announces that " he doesn't like puppies much!" Really? Well why isn't your savage rabid Cujo of a dog on a lead then! Haha, of course I'm kidding with the rabid bit!

So it seems there is a dog and dog walker etiquette in far, what I can make of it is this;

1. Approach and chat only if dog walker stops and engages.
2. Do not encroach on a dog walk, unless invited to do so, a minimum distance of at least three metres is required. 
3. Do not try and walk alongside a dog walker, they will shake you off and it's embarrassing when you then have to pretend to choose a different route, resulting in a tangle of brambles and a welly stuck in the mud!
4. Do not let fellow dog walkers see how inexperienced you are....hiding behind trees to teach your dog to come and running across fields like a madwoman to fetch your very obedient (who am I kidding!) dog, screaming "he's muddy, I'm so sorry" are all signs of this!
5. Remember dog names, they can be the key to starting up another conversation when coming across the walkers again.
6. Remember all of above and you will do well!

I'm sure there are some lovely walkers out there, so far I have only met one so it's been a solitary life, just me and my dawg! It has also been extremely wet and muddy considering that it has been raining for what seems like days. I now have the most stylish pair of green wellies and apparently I also need to invest in dog walking clothes to prepare myself for the muddy attack that other dogs and their greetings can bring.

The greatest bit of excitement I had all week was being woken at two in the morning by a crying puppy, only to take him out to the garden for six ( I kid you not) chicken korma style poops!

Life with a dog? Awesome!

Such fun xx

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