Sunday, 23 February 2014

I blinked and it was over...

Yello! How goes it on this dreaded Sunday evening?

I have the Sunday stomp. I do not wish to return to the school regime and I fear my kids may have to drag ME kicking and screaming tomorrow morning.

I've had the best half term and as always it went by much too fast.

We visited Daddy at work, Auntie at home, the cinema and Ikea for lunch yummmmmm and just chillaxed.

No rushing, no military Mum, just fun.

I even managed to get the kids out every day for a dog walk. This I was dreading but it actually went better than imagined. We braved the rain and mud and I enjoyed having human companions for a change. We found a fairy house (yes, I do at the age of 34 believe in fairies) We found a huge bomb hole or as my gorgeous little dude calls it "a bum hole Mummy".
I also swung on a rope swing, which was great fun, until I attempted my descent from said swing, ripping my jeans and whacking myself in the head with the log, leaving me with a nice gash to the cheek and bruise to the noggin. But I figure these things have to be done....a bit like a do before you die or in my case do before I reach 35....the black mark of all ages.

In other news my beloved pup went to Doggee Daycare on Friday. I know, I know, how awesome is it that there is such a thing! It was like leaving a child but he loved it and made his first proper doggie friend, a Beagle called Buster. 
He also learnt to tolerate the car as we took him everywhere with us. Several pukes down the line, he seems to be getting the hang of it.

So as Monday looms I remind myself that it's only 6 weeks until Easter and then I will have two weeks to be with my gorgeous ones. As always I'm going to miss them so much.

An exciting bit of news before I go is that I've been nominated for best new blog in The Mad Blog awards. I've no idea how this happened but thank you to whoever took the time to nominate me.

I hope you all have good weeks that fly by, leaving a happy trail to the weekend.

Such fun xx