Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Snails pace..

So this week is dragging, going at a pace familiar with a snail or a slug....I hate slugs so fat and slimy...anyway that's neither here nor there.

I miss my squealing, always hungry, cheeky little kiddies. It's so quiet, so tidy, soooooo boring.

I've been on a variety of dog walks already this week, some under the suns lovely warm beams and others in the grey gloomy drip of the rain. On Monday I reached the top field to be greeted by a half naked yogarist ( is that even a word? Who knows!) so I decided to not give any eye contact, just incase he was thinking of taking more clothes items off, but it would appear my dog had other ideas. Friendly doesn't really describe my pup, he loves everyone, and running over like a lolloping fluffy ball he began to jump up at the could be naturist! Making me run over full of apologies (whilst hoping he wasn't going to whip of his trousers) and collect my mad pup. Luckily for me the yogarist seemed quite normal and didn't seem to mind his peace being disturbed.

I did go to the gym on Monday evening and attended a new class which was really hard.
It was called Xtreme training, I was a bit apprehensive as it didn't sound easy! It was really interval training at its hardest. A man at the front with a Britney Spears style mic, giving you pep talks and encouraging words, whilst four ladies walk through the crowd, like lionesses hunting a kill, waiting for the poor woman to drop to the floor with exhaustion (that was me) and encouraging them to get back up and carry on. I found this quite intimidating really. 
The music was fast paced and had a very American computerised count down between exercises which made me panic. Argh 10 seconds until the next excercise which I may die performing! It was difficult and my face was so red I felt may head may explode, showering the unsuspecting crowds with little brain matter.
The odd thing was, afterwards, a bit like child birth, the memory of just how bad it was left me and I felt the need to do it again.

That's really just about all the excitement this week has had to offer so far.

Anyway I shall leave you with this picture I saw on Facebook yesterday, it made me smile.

Such fun xx


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